What happens when a group of women get together and decide to shake things up?

Three Women Press began when three friends with varied experience in the world of books came together. We were writers, editors, agents, and marketers, with one common goal: we wanted to publish great books that might not otherwise reach readers. Of course more than a few wrinkles had to be ironed out as we all discovered what it was like to partner in more than just birthing a book, but in building a whole new realm. But Three Women Press is bigger than a book, and it's bigger than all of us. It's really a dream.

The Book Lover

Before too long, other people heard of our dream, and wanted to become involved. The unifying factor between us all is that we love great books - and want to get them into the hands of readers like you.

Our debut novel, The Book Lover, will be our first offering.

"The Book Lover is the name of a charming book shop which acts as one of the main characters in this story of broken marriages, secrets, friendships and little white lies. The well developed characters and subject will make this a sure selection for book clubs." -Elizabeth Merritt, Titcomb Books

"The Book Lover takes you into the heart and soul of the book world, with characters you will come to love. The most honest story about the world of books I've read yet." -Rob Dougherty, Clinton Book Shop

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